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EHYT's work in schools

EHYT offers schools interactive lessons in substance use prevention and game education, including instruction for both parents and school staff. Our aim is to increase knowledge about intoxicating substances, discuss attitudes and social situations related to substance use and wellbeing, as well as offer tools to prevent youth’s substance use. Game education increases both students’ and parents' digital gaming knowledge and underlines the components of a balanced everyday life. Game education and substance use prevention not only increases the students wellbeing, but affects the whole learning environment positively. Our lessons are listed below.

What? A substance education method that is based on stories and discussions. 

Why? The substance education method answers children’s questions regarding smoking and alcohol. The innovative and story-based education method encourages children to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Parents will achieve a better understanding of how children see and experience intoxicants. 

For whom? For primary school students in years 5 and 6 and their parents/guardians. 

Duration: 90 min 

Price: EUR 200/day/trainer (max. 2–3 groups).  Includes lessons and a parent’s evening. 


Take a look at the “Can WTalk?” handbook 

The book presents the “Can WTalk?” model for lessons and related tasks. Order or download the book from the following address:​ 


Secondary schools:

Hubu in English 

What? A substance education method based on interactive voting, which challenges students, parents and school staff to discuss issues related to substance use. 

Why? The interactive voting method will involve all students in joint discussions. The method enables participants to obtain up-to-date information on young people’s substance-related attitudes and experiments. Hubu will promote a culture of open discussion between the school, young people and their families. 

For whom? For secondary school students, their parents/guardians and school staff. 

Duration: 75 min or 90 min. 

Price: EUR 250/day/trainer (max. 3–4 groups). Includes lessons, a staff meeting and a parent’s evening. More extensive packages are available subject to separate negotiations. 


Skills to Game lessons and parent’s evening  

What? The Skills to Game lesson increases students’ digital gaming knowledge and skills. The lessons involve learning to recognise the advantages and disadvantages of gaming and include discussions on the components of a child’s balanced everyday life. At the parent’s evening events, discussion topics include the role of gaming in the world that young people live in and the reasons why the contribution of parents is important in gaming education. Parents are encouraged to take a more active role in gaming education.  

Why? Digital gaming is an important part of media education provided at home and school. A constructive dialogue on gaming between children, parents and school supports the creation of a positive and safe gaming culture and prevents gaming-related problems.  

For whom? For students from grades 1–9 and their parents/guardians.  

Duration: 45 min per lesson and 90 min per parent’s evening  

Price: EUR 200/day/trainer (max. 5 lessons) or EUR 300/day/trainer (max. 5 lessons and a parent’s evening). More extensive packages are available subject to separate negotiations. 


Take a look at the Game Educators Handbook

More about gaming and topics related to it, the Game Educators Handbook provides expert information, based on research and experience, about what gaming and related phenomena is all about. The Handbook can be read and downloaded for free here


 Upper secondary level:

The Phenomenon of Intoxicating Substances 

What? The lesson discusses the history of substance use in Finland from social, cultural and societal perspectives. The various perspectives are discussed as a group, and the student's create a mind map conserning disadvantages of substance use and reasons behind substance use.

Why? Substance use involves a social element, and it is therefore important to discuss it in a group. When substance use is discussed constructively and all aspects are considered, students will develop the skills to make more conscious choices. 

For whom? Upper secondary level students. 

Duration: 75 min or 90 min. 

Price: EUR 200/day/trainer (max. 3–4 groups). 

Prezi presentation "The phenomeneon of Intoxicating Substances


For more info & orders contact:

Substance use prevention in English

Melissa Sukanen

Education Coordinator

p. 050 466 4941


Game Education in English

Aino Harvola

Education Coordinator

p. 050 345 9449


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