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Gaming and gambling

At EHYT, our preventative work also includes the prevention of gambling and gaming harm arising from computer, console and mobile device use. When pursued to an excess, these too can cause addiction and harm. In addition, treatment and support for problem gaming and gambling is often provided by existing substance abuse services. Gaming and gambling can impair the social, financial and physical and mental well-being of those directly involved but also their friends and families and society as a whole. EHYT promotes experience and evidence-based, high-quality debate on gaming and gambling, and works towards establishing a positive gaming culture, first rate educational provision on the issues surrounding gaming as well as a comprehensive understanding of gaming as an activity and hobby. Through this, we hope to create a Finnish model for preventing gaming harm.

It is vitally important that the risks and benefits associated with gaming and gambling are more broadly incorporated in preventative work in the field. One of our aims is to encourage members in the EPT substance abuse prevention network to include gambling harm prevention in their activities, along with organisations in receipt of financial assistance from the Veikkaus Oy. We foster a better everyday for communities and promote factors that are known to offer protection against gaming harm in educational institutions and the workplace as well as across leisure activities, through our partnership organisations, low-threshold meeting places and social media.

Education and harm prevention relating to digital gaming is carried out in collaboration with Network of Game Educators. To find out more about their work, please visit


Additional information:

Aino Harvola (Digital gaming)
Education Coordinator
aino.harvola(a), tel: +358 (0)50 345 9449

Tapio Jaakkola (Gambling)
Project Manager, Arpa Project
tapio.jaakkola(a), tel: +358 (0)50 463 8212

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