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Our background

EHYT was founded on 1 June 2011, after the Finnish Association for Healthy Lifestyles, the Finnish Health Association NGO and the EOPH concluded an agreement to merge their operations from 1 January 2012. Senior managers at the three organisations first gathered to discuss the merger plan in early 2010.

There are a significant number of NGOs working in substance abuse prevention in Finland and, in the past, their activities have been both overlapping and complementary.  The organisations that came together to form EHYT offer a strong track record in substance abuse prevention but also complement each other with their areas of interest and expertise.  

The merger was driven by the desire to establish an organisation better placed to influence society, respond to changes in the operating environment, achieve budgetary efficiencies, unlock synergy benefits, enhance regional activities and volunteer activities and, overall, to deliver more effective substance abuse prevention work in Finland.


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