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Our international activities

EHYT is proactively involved in international networks with a number of other sector bodies. A representative from EHYT sits on the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) Board to shape public policy at the EU level.

Eurocare brings together health NGOs from a total of 25 EU member countries. It is Europe’s most high-profile network focusing on alcohol policy issues.

The Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN) works to highlight the importance of preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Through our international activities, we gain access to the latest processes, methods and research activities on drug, alcohol and gaming-related harm reduction. This type of cooperation facilitates the sharing of experiences and joint, cross-border advocacy-efforts. EU policies along with wider international debates on these topics serve to raise awareness in Finland of the global nature of substance and gaming harm and drive the social acceptance of and demand for preventative work in this area.


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