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Substance Abuse Prevention Act

The Act on Substance Abuse Prevention entered into force on 1 December 2015. The implementation is underpinned by the Action Plan on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and Gambling, which provides useful hints and tips on how efforts in this area should be targeted. The Substance Abuse Prevention Act provides a legal framework and principles to guide preventative action. The aim is to promote equality in health and well-being by ensuring the viability of service provision across Finland.

All substance abuse prevention activity should:

  • be based on a thorough understanding of the prevailing situation
  • be evidence-based
  • take into account indirect alcohol and drug-related harm
  • engage a broad selection of local stakeholders from municipal and central government agencies to NGOs and businesses
  • promote opportunities for local residents to become involved and influence service provision

Source: National Institute for Welfare and Health (THL)

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