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Tobacco and nicotine

The Tobacco Act enshrines in statute the vision for a smoke-free and nicotine-free Finland. At EHYT, we also want to contribute to a future without tobacco. Rates of smoking are declining among young people in Finland and the majority are now non-smoking. However, the increasing popularity of snuff and e-cigarettes, or “vaping”,  is a challenging new trend. The best way to avoid tobacco-related harm is to abstain from all products containing tobacco and nicotine.


The aim of the Finnish Tobacco Act is to end the use of all tobacco products. At EHYT, we are also working towards this objective. We work across a number of sectors to prevent and reduce smoking and are involved in local, regional and national networks with a range of different bodies.

EHYT is also involved in the Tobacco-Free Finland 2030 campaign. The campaign aims to achieve the goal of a smoke-free Finland by promoting positive attitudes towards non-smoking, preventing the uptake of smoking by young people, offering support for smoking cessation and driving the implementation of the Tobacco Act.

Children and young people are the key focus for all our smoking prevention and reduction activities. The aim of our Smokefree campaign, delivered in collaboration with Finnish schools and leisure groups, is to prevent the use of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products by children and young people.


Additional information:

Katri Saarela
katri.saarela(a), 050 438 4227

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