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What we do

EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention works throughout Finland to promote healthy lifestyles. We work with people of all ages from children and young people to working age people and the elderly. In addition to alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse prevention, our remit also encompasses gaming and gambling. Our aim is to improve well-being across Finnish society.

At EHYT, we generate new methodologies, information and other forms of support to foster healthy lifestyles for Finnish residents of all ages, in all communities. Our guiding principle is that drugs and alcohol have no place in the office, in traffic or during pregnancy, childhood and youth.  Children and young people have the right to grow up in a safe environment that is free from drugs and alcohol. It is the responsibility of adults to make this possible.

EHYT is committed to evidence-based practice. Scientific evidence informs our policies and our joint working with other organisations and stakeholders. EHYT is an expert organisation that offers support to people affected by substance use and seeks to influence public policy and discourse relevant to the sector. It is also a non-governmental, community-focused organisation – a place for people to gather for volunteering, peer support and genuine human encounters. Our operations bring together the expertise of our professional staff and the volunteer work carried out by our member organisations across Finland.



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